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Case Studies

Examples of how we can help

Aside from the standard requests of the UK's churches, we've helped insure some of the more unusual ministries offered by churches.

King's Church Hastings starts a Food Bank

One of our Newfrontiers church clients started operating a food bank which provides emergency food to people in crisis. They encourage members of the public to donate non-perishable, in-date food items for the food bank to distribute. Volunteers sort food to check that itís in date and pack it into boxes ready to be given to people in need. Care professionals such as doctors, health visitors, social workers, CAB and police identify people in crisis and issue them with a foodbank voucher. Foodbank clients bring their voucher to the food bank where it can be redeemed for three days' emergency food. Volunteers meet clients over a cup of tea or free hot meal and are able to signpost them to agencies able to solve the longer-term problem.

Chris Knott Insurance was able to help the church by looking at the potential risks this new venture posed and adjusted their cover accordingly. Some of the exposures didn't need covering with insurance - they just needed managing so the risk was vastly reduced.

Sandhurst Baptist Church's football ministry

Following a number of successful Summer Soccer Schools at the church, operated by external charity - Sportsreach, Sandhurst Baptist Church decided to utilise the gifts of some of its members to setup and run a regular Saturday morning soccer school. 

Chris Knott Insurance advised them of the risks involved and highlighted the sports regulations which they needed to adhere to. For example, children under the age of 7 must not play competitively, consideration must be given to the age group splits to ensure that children of vastly different ages do not play against each other and shin pads should always be worn. Again, there was a realistic mix of providing cover for the activity and designing adequate risk reduction strategies.

Church's building is former nightclub

Open Door Church Kettering bought a building (formerly a nightclub) where one of the rooms they used, accessed from within the church building, was actually part of the neighbouring property. They had arranged, as part of the purchase, to continue using the room. As they didn't own it there was concern as their insurance policy would not provide cover.

Chris Knott Insurance successfully negotiated with insurers to include the use of this room even though it is owned by someone else.

A saving of over £1700

Seaford Baptist Church had 4 insurance policies in place - 2x Property Owners policies to cover the Manses that they let out, 1x Church policy and 1x policy for their onsite pre-school. There was some overlap in the cover and they were concerned that their needs were not being met by the current broker.

Chris Knott Insurance conducted a site visit prior to renewal of the Property Owners policies and the Church policy and achieved a significant saving for the church. With the Property Owners policies we checked the market and were able to save the client over £140 on these policies alone (over 20% saving on their renewal offer). On the church policy we looked at the cover and suggested they were under-insured for Business Interruption. Even with the increase in cover we were able to save the church more than £1320 (around 25% on their renewal premium). We also found that the pre-school was already covered under the existing church insurance policy. So they didn't need the extra policy. The only gap we found was that their pre-school insurance policy had Professional Indemnity cover which would not be covered under their church policy. So we arranged a separate Professional Indemnity policy. By removing their unnecessary cover Chris Knott Insurance saved them a further £265.

UPDATE: Since we have been looking after this church's insurance, they have begun extensive renovations which include installing a lift. We have been able to supply cover for the building work whilst it is being undertaken. Our arrangements also cover the Engineer costs of the necessary twice yearly lift inspection.

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