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Blog posts from UK Church Insurance

Churches reopening for private prayer - what are the rules?
COVID19 safety guidance for churches beginning to come out of lockdown. The UK Government initially announced that churches could reopen for private prayer from 15 June. However, in the latest guidance this was brought forward to 13 June. Whilst there is no onus on a church to open its doors, here's what you should be doing if you plan to start accommodating visitors for this purpose... [Read full article]

Unoccupied Church Premises Checklist
What to check to avoid damage while your church building is not in use. Your denominational body may have already issued suggestions but, in case they haven't, here are some precautions you can take (where it is safe to do so within current government recommendations)... [Read full article]

UKCI's COVID-19 Coronavirus Response
As measures to tackle Coronavirus in the UK continue to gather momentum, we want to provide you with reassurance that we have taken the steps necessary to minimise the impact on our ability to support the needs of our customers. [Read full article]

Business Interruption cover as it applies to a church
If you're hiring out your church building to generate income or you'd have to spend out to rent space if your building was out of action for a period, hopefully your insurance provider has recommended Business Interruption cover (BI) to protect you from these costs and losses that are outside of your control. [Read full article]

Cyber Risk for churches - what you need to know in the digital age
Is a church or a charity really that likely to experience a cyber-attack? A report commissioned by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) found that as many as 22% of voluntary & community organisations have identified security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months. As part of your overall risk planning you should consider the likelihood and implications of a cyber-attack or data breach and whether your church could survive that financially. [Read full article]

3 important church insurance checks for non-experts
If youíve been renewing your church's insurance over and over for the last few years, a review is most likely well overdue. However, chances are youíre no insurance expert, so how can you do it justice without having the specific knowledge? [Read full article]

The key benefits to your church of conducting an insurance review
Itís likely that youíre very busy and perhaps arranging the insurance for your church falls to you out of necessity rather than choice. Time-pressures or even (donít shoot me here) a potential lack of either interest or insurance knowledge can mean itís often easier to roll your cover over each year, assume allís well and leave it up to the professionals. [Read full article]

GDPR, Cyber Liability and your church
Unless youíve been stranded on a desert island for the last few months youíll probably have seen these 4 letters on countless emails and, frankly, plastered all over the place. Heralded with as much fanfare and hype as the millennium bug, what are the implications of GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) for your church beyond potential changes to your data processing activity and perhaps the beefing-up of your cyber security? [Read full article]

Abuse in Churches
UK Church Insurance Blog, February 2018 - We've all seen the news stories regarding allegations of historical abuse made against people in positions of authority from TV celebrities to sports coaches - almost anywhere that attracts groups of young people or children. Unfortunately, even churches aren't immune. [Read full article]

Specialist launches own bespoke policy and names it Harmony
UK Church Insurance News, May 2017 - At the FSI's London Training Conference this week, sector expert UK Church Insurance unveiled its own product, Harmony - devised in collaboration wth sister brand UK Charity Insurance.

The specialist claims it has re-imagined the cover churches and charities need for today by taking the very best elements available in the market and crafting them into a single, cost-effective policy. [Read full article]

Be vigilant not vulnerable, says church insurance expert
CRE Online, September 2016 - We may want our churches to be open and welcoming but that may leave them open and vulnerable, warns a specialist insurance broker. ĎChurch Insurance is often misunderstood Ė itís about so much more than just cover for buildings and contents,í said Nick Day, of UK Church Insurance. Read full article...

Newfrontiers churches set to benefit from dedicated insurance service
UK Church Insurance News, October 2011 - Church insurance specialist, UK Church Insurance, has launched a service to specifically help churches operating under the Newfrontiers banner.

The broker already looks after the insurance needs of Newfrontiers itself, covering all its activities in the UK & abroad. This includes the popular Newday conference as well as Together on a Mission, Mobilise, Everything and Together@North. Read full article...

It's Route 66 around the UK for Bible tour preacher
Inspire Magazine, September 2011 - A unique UK Bible tour is taking place this month to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible. The tour is being undertaken by Premier Christian Radio presenter Rev Victor Robert Farrell, who will preach from the 66 books of the Bible in the UKís 66 cities over 66 days.

UK Church Insurance has arranged and paid for the insurance to cover the tour car for the 3,300 mile journey which, incidentally, they were able to negotiate for £66.
Read full article...

Church specialist supports UK 66 City Bible Tour
ASSIST News Service, September 2011 - Church insurance specialist, UK Church Insurance, has picked up the tab for a unique UK Bible tour taking place this month to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible. The tour is being undertaken by Premier Christian Radio presenter, Rev. Victor Robert Farrell, who is preaching from the 66 books of the bible in the UKís 66 cities over 66 days. Read full article...

Bible Tour heads to 66 cities, September 2011 - Church insurance specialist, UK Church Insurance, has picked up the tab for a unique Bible tour taking place this month. The tour is part of yearlong celebrations marking the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.

Premier Christian Radio presenter, the Rev Victor Robert Farrell, will preach from the 66 books of the Bible at each stop of the 66 city-tour over 66 days. Read full article...

Insurance expert inspires excellence in industry exams
Hastings Observer, August 2010 Ė Chris Knott directors, staff & guests gathered for a champagne reception at Cavendish House in July to mark the achievements of ten staff members. Read full article...

A classy new home at Cavendish House
Hastings Observer, April 2010 Ė Affinity specialist insurance broker, Chris Knott Insurance, relocated its business to Hastings on 1st March, taking up residence in the newly re-furbished Cavendish House. Read full article....

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